Security Services

Sekiur’s Defensive Security Propositions


Architecture Review

Sekiur provides a thorough assessment
of the risks to your business.
  • Network Architecture
  • Server/client Topology and Configuration
  • Security Controls Effectiveness
  • Policy Review

Vulnerability Remediation

Prioritize, remediate and validate discovered findings.
Provide efficient resolution of outstanding security risks.
  • Security Assessments
  • Penetration Tests
  • Vulnarability Scans
  • Code Reviews

Design and Implementation

We make your needs and interests our priority,
providing vendor agnostic solutions.
  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Network and Systems Services
  • Operating System Hardening
  • Product Testing and Deployment

Managed Security Services

Sekiur provides management and monitoring
of network and security services around the clock.
  • Event Collection and Monitoring
  • Patch Application and Management
  • Security Control Maintenance

Sekiur’s Offensive Security Propositions


Network Penetration Testing

We profile your organization from the perspective
of its most likely threats, looking at your business
processes, information flows & the technology that
supports your operations.
  • External - casual or focused intruders w/ limited knowledge
  • Internal - disgruntled or careless employees
  • Wireless - corporate misconfiguration or ad-hoc access points
  • Phones - PSTN and VoIP

Application Penetration Testing

We profile your applications from the perspective
of an attacker attempting to access sensitive data.
  • Black Box Testing
  • Credentialed
  • Hybrid

Social Engineering Exercises

Awareness campaigns and regular testing
keeps users informed of ongoing threats.
  • Phishing Campaigns
  • Targeted Malware Campaigns
  • Phone Based Phishing
  • Physical Presence Attacks

Physical Security Review

Sekiur provides a thorough review
of the physical security.
  • Lock Picking
  • Alarm and Camera Avoidance
  • Vulnerable Entry Points
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